Salisbury Tennis Outlook


By: Patrick To


The Salisbury tennis team looks primed and ready to surprise many of the teams in the league this year. While most teams in the league are losing many of their star seniors, Salisbury only lost a single senior to graduation, Tyler Sechler-Stone. We also lost first doubles player and people’s captain Bryce Erdman, along with second singles Aaron Kahn. Other than those losses, the team is looking pretty good.

Positions are still yet to be put in place, but the roster currently contains two four year senior players: Bradley Hnatow & Patrick To, who are also the co-captains this year. The starting lineup at this point includes Patrick To, Dylan Weber, Dylan Thompson, Christopher Marinos, & Bradley Hnatow. The rest of the lineup is still not set, but they will be filled with solid players.

With other teams losing players, and the Salisbury team keeping many starters, it looks like the 2018-2019 season may bring good fortune. Realistically, we won’t be among the top teams in the league, but we will hopefully make it to the middle of the bracket. Coach Robert Benson feels confident in the team’s ability to win matches this year.

Since almost all of the players are returners, they already know the rules and edicate of the game. This should give us a leg up on every other team who may have to replace their players with new players who haven’t played organized tennis before.

In each match, each team uses seven players that make up five smaller teams. There are two doubles teams, and three singles teams. The winner of the entire match is the team that wins at least three of the matchups. We only need three of our smaller teams to win. If the team is consistent enough, a shot at districts may even be possible this year.







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