Dodgeball Tournament

` By: Leah Chavez


The annual dodgeball tournament is held on March 19th at 6:00pm this year. This is a fun time to get your friends together and get a team of 8 people. You must have a minimum of 3 girls and 1 staff member. Last year I was on it and the faculty member who was on my team was Mrs. Hinkle and Mr. Anderson. Our team name was the DodgeFathers. This a competition where one team goes against another and whoever wins goes against another. Our team won one and then lost against the team 69 news the next time. I talked to Mr Hahn and he thinks it will be a night for all of SHS to have fun whether you are playing or watching. There are sports teams, clubs and other groups that are gathering a team and competing with us. He also thinks this a great way for faculty members to take out their anger and stress on the students by hitting them with a ball. He is looking forward to March 19th and hopes that everyone is on their best behavior.

How does Mr Hahn think this will play out?: “I think it will be a very fun and exciting night for all of SHS. Whether you are involved as a player or simply a fan, there is plenty of entertainment to be had. There is a lot of interest amongst both students and faculty alike early on, so I am anticipating a memorable event. There are various athletics teams, clubs, and other extracurricular groups that are joining together to compete. Additionally, there will be faculty members playing. I would say watch out for the faculty, for this is a great outlet for them to take their anger and frustration on their students – through throwing a ball at them! I am looking forward to seeing everyone participate and have a good time on March 19. I expect all players to be on their best behavior, since the almighty Mr. Hahn and his top-notch SGA students will be officiating the tournament fairly and justly. Hope to see you there!”



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