New Freshman Class Officers

By Gabriella Lozada

On December 19,2018, the freshman class elected their class officers. They a class president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The new class President is Naiya Schankowitz and her supporting vice president is Madison Bryant. The class treasurer is Christina Do; the class secretary is Nevaeh Eck-Shade. Many do not know the roles and the importance of these new class leaders. Here is a short synopsis of each role.

The class treasurer, Christina Do, must be very organized for her role holds many of our class finances. The class treasurer oversees finances, expenses, and the budget of the class. She also manages the class dues, so students make sure you are paying your dues. Finally, the treasurer signs off on things. As well as needing an adult’s signature on certain movements and decision, there also needs to be a student signature—which is where the treasurer steps in.

The class secretary is Nevaeh Eck-Shade. Her role is to collect attendance during their meetings and send out information about the topics of the meeting to those who may have missed it. She also takes notes during the meetings and supervises them. The secretary makes sure that everything is taking care of and all is running smoothly.

Madison Bryant will be the right hand “woman” of Naiya. She is a support and help for the class president. The vice president is the advocate and representation for the class. She makes sure that all projects and movements stay aligned to the initial plan of the officers.

Last but certainly not least, Naiya Schankowitz. Naiya is the official class president for the class of 2022. The class president is the leader of class. She makes changes and decisions that will better the class. The class president operates under her council or cabinet (the other officers). Naiya “want to make the freshman year the best it can be”.






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