Falcon Basketball Season Struggles

By Justin Burkhardt

The high school basketball season has just about reached the mid way point. As such, let’s take a look at the Salisbury High School Falcons season so far.

The Falcons have had a rocky start as of now, sitting halfway through the season with an even record of 5-5 overall, and 3-3 specifically in league playoffs. Injuries among key players, such as star power-forward Jack Frankenfield, have plagued the team and caused numerous problems on and off the court. The Falcons are hopeful that with a healthier and more unified team going into the second half of the season they can win out to qualify for districts and or leagues.

Of the Falcons five losses, there were no games where the margin was less than double digits. Meanwhile, four out of the five Falcon wins so far have been by double-digit margins. The Falcons are losing by double digits and winning by double digits far more often than not: This is not a stable team. A team that is beating the lower level teams in the league by double digits but can not hold their own defeats within double digits does not have a recipe to be a serious contender in the second half of the season. The Falcons will need to find a way to keep in pace with the better teams in the league.

The one close game they have had, against Palmerton, ended 61-65 in Palmerton’s favor. Palmerton’s Justin Hosier and Nate Dougherty combined for 51 of the total 65 points. The Falcon’s clearly have issues on adapting over the course of a game as well as defeating the teams they should and need to beat to be considered a respected team.

The next couple games for the Falcons will be the most critical as they lead up to the playoff race. 



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