Short Stacks for a Tall Cause

By Gracie Hawkinson

This Saturday, January 5th, the cheerleading team is having a breakfast fundraiser at Applebee’s. This event is from 8-10 am and the tickets were able to be purchased ahead of time, $8 per person and $4.50 for 5 and under. The cheerleaders will be doing this fundraiser to raise money for their end of the year banquet.

This will be the second year they will be doing this fundraiser and last year the turnout was great. Also, the middle school girls will also be helping at this event. For the event, Applebee’s provides the pancakes, sausage, and drinks that are served but, the twist is that no Applebee’s employees will be working that day, the cheerleaders will be. The girls who are 16 and older go in the back to get the orders, plate the food, and grab the drinks. The other girls including middle school wait on the tables and deliver the food. The system goes very well and the girls do hard work to earn their banquet money.

Leah Chavez, a former cheerleader who worked the fundraiser last year, about her thoughts on the fundraiser. Leah’s job was to fill up the little containers with the butter and the syrup to put on the plates and she was in charge of giving the plate to the person who was putting the food on it. Leah also said that she thought that the team made out good at the event. I also worked the event last year and I had the same job as Leah. I thought that the girls who were working in the kitchen had a good system going with everyone having their set job. Hopefully this year the cheerleaders make out as well as last year!






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