Salisbury’s Frosty Time

By Zach Peace

Every year students obsess over the weather in the winter. Every freshman turns into a junior meteorologist and tries to figure out exactly when and how our school schedule will be interrupted by snow days, early dismissals and 2-hour delays. So, in the spirit of trying to avoid going to school in the winter, we decided to take a look at our winter break this year.

Winter breaks can vary in length and 2018 has given us one of the best possible outcomes. We have a full eleven day break this December. This is, by the calculations of the Falcon Courier, the second best possible winter break.

Next year the district will have the best possible break. Christmas falls on a Wednesday which gives our students off for 12 days. The last time this happened was 2013. In 2022 students will experience the worst winter break possible only receiving nine days off school. These are all the possible breaks in the next few years:

2018 (Tuesday) – 11 day break

2019 (Wednesday) – 12 day break

2020 (Friday) – 9 day break

2021 (Saturday) – 11 day break

2022 (Sunday) – 9 day break

2023 (Monday) – 10 day break

2024 (Wednesday) – 12 day break

As you can surely tell, there are a lot of different winter breaks that are possible for the students. Although, snowy weather could always augment the length of our break.  Make sure to check out the snow day calculator to find out! Have a great break Salisbury!






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