Can You Spot the Elf?

By Gabriella Lozada

In 2005, Carol Aebersold wrote the book, “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition”, beginning the newly loved Christmas tradition. Around 2013, this tradition blew up. Many families began buying these elves to place around their homes and join in on the fun to find Santa’s little elf. So, what’s the story behind these elves?

Each Christmas, Santa sends out a group of scout elfs to remain and watch over the children of families all over the world. Each day they report back to the North Pole and give Santa the daily report of the children’s behavior, to determine whether the child will get presents or coal. Every morning the elf will be in a new spot, and it is the children’s mission to find the Elf on the Shelf. There is only one rule. The children may not touch the elf or he will lose his Christmas magic and won’t be able to return to following day. This story and the elf have become a popular, fun tradition among families all over, and it has recently spread to Salisbury High school.

For five years now, Mr. Anderson has hid the Elf on the Shelf somewhere in the school. Each morning, the students and staff  received poem, from the Elf, full of hints on where he is.


“In addition, the spirit you displayed makes this a special place,

From the “Elfie Station” to the Main Lobby display case.

Yep, Salisbury, it has it all,

Just look around as you walk down the hall!


So when it came to my final hiding spot,

Discussion occurred whether to make it easy or not.

Some people said, “Elf, this is way to simple, make it tough,”

‘The clues you give, make it too simple, it’s fluff.’”


The first 10 students or staff to find the elf, were awarded a prize for their decoding and searching abilities. The students and staff then received another email in the afternoon explaining that the elf has been found and some of his observations. The Elf was with us from Monday (12/17) through Thursday. He returned to the North Pole on Friday. We will be waiting for our Elf to reture, once again, next year for the holiday season.






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