Opinion: How to Fix the Falcon Cup

By Brett Minnick

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of the Salisbury Township School District.

With every year’s homecoming pep rally brings out the ever renowned Falcon Cup.  A small silver cup, it is presented to the class that wins in the spirit competition held throughout the year.  Much of the point totals come from events like the Man Dance, Pie Eating, Spirit Judging and Gym Decorating at the Pep Rally.  Other events include the food drive and annual powder puff game. At the end of the year the totals are added up and the Falcon Cup winner is announced at next year’s homecoming pep rally.  The Class of 2019 won last year’s competition, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. The cup is wheeled out for the rally, then put away and not seen again until next year. Given the idea itself is just a little novelty, it could mean so much more for a small school to participate in spirit activities.  If there was any reward, or reason to try to win the falcon cup, its purpose would be clear for students.

To start with, the Falcon Cup is a student’s competition and it should be run by students.  SGA does have domain over the rally’s and spirit activities, but it has never had any vision for the Cup or anything to justify its existence.  A small falcon cup committee could easily be formed to give the activities a better path for students to have a want to win the falcon cup.  A reward could also but implemented.  Given that the school doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to pay money for it, they could present a limited option to the Falcon Cup winning class.  This could come in the option for the winning students to purchase a shirt, or hoodie, or mug that says anything along the lines of, “Falcon Cup Winners 2018-2019,” or a more creative option determined by the aforementioned new committee.  This presents a new club option in the school, that would not occupy much time or space, and a way for the school to generate money with that option of Falcon Cup Apparel.

Overall, the cup has no interest from the students and teachers and could use some new life put into it.  While the school may have ideas for it or may be doing things with it, the student body generally doesn’t know and many of us forget that it exists.  It could use a makeover and while it will not benefit the Class of 2019, it could benefit the years of students after us.






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