NHS Holds Spaghetti Dinner

By Elizabeth Sirianni

On October 20th the 16th annual WAEB Spaghetti Dinner is being held at Asbury United Methodist Church to help benefit the Allentown Rescue Mission. WAEB, is a local radio station that helps support homeless individuals by hosting the dinner. National Honor Society students had the choice to volunteer the day before the event to help set up from 6 to 8:30pm or on the 20th to to help with last-minute setup or to help run the actual event. The event consists of free meals being served as well as prize baskets being auctioned off to guests who decide to partake in bidding. Guests can also choose to sponsor certain charities and donate their money to foundations that are geared toward helping the homeless.

Students who signed up on October 19th to help with setup will be moving tables and chairs, setting up vases, placement stations, and sponsor signs. Most of this moving will take place in the Dining room so that guests who arrive the next day can easily navigate the area and quickly find out where the charities they sponsored are located. Unfortunately, only one NHS member has signed up for this task so far, so let’s hope that there will be other volunteer workers willing to give them a helping hand. On the 20th, students who are volunteering for the Morning Set Up will either be setting up the front lobby, tying down balloons, and helping organize the auctions and information tables. The front lobby set up will consist of moving stanchions, organizing door and table tickets, helping with volunteer sign-ins, and setting up chairs for the waiting line. A total of six NHS students have signed up for Morning Setup so far.  

In conclusion, National Honor Society proves once again that their organization is much more than just an academics group – they go out of their way to make a positive impact not only for the organizations they volunteer in, but for the Lehigh Valley community as a whole.






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