Penn State Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss

By Tyler Cramsey

4th and 5 from the Ohio State (OSU) 43 at Beaver Stadium with 1:22 left in the game. With OSU up 27-26, PSU ran what is being called the worst play call of the year. After a timeout by Penn State (PSU) they lineup for the play. That is when Ohio State calls a timeout, followed by another timeout by PSU. After all of these timeouts the best play call that PSU came up with was the option play that did not work all night. PSU QB, Trace McSorley took the snap and handed it off to PSU RB Miles Sanders was immediately hit and tackled. Giving the ball back to Ohio State and basically ending the game for Penn State with only a minute left and 1 timeout.

This was a game to forget for Sanders as he only rushed for 43 yards after racking up 495 yards in his first 4 games. Trace McSorley was having the game of his career with 286 yards passing, 2 TDs, and 175 rushing yards. Still, after a great game by McSorley, Penn State coach, James Franklin decided against having his Heisman candidate QB get the ball in his hands. This play was for the first down, the game, and possibly even for the College Football Playoff. What makes this game even worse for Penn State fans is that they were up 26-14 with 8 minutes left. They let OSU go 3 plays for 75 yards and a touchdown in just over a minute. Then it’s PSU’s turn to score, still up 26-21, instead they only run 2 minutes off the clock and give Ohio State the ball back with 4 minutes left in the game and a chance to win. Penn State’s punter pinned Ohio State on the 4 yard line. Ohio State had 4 minutes to go 96 yards to try to take the lead. Ohio State goes 8 plays, 96 yards, in 2 and a half minutes to take the lead 27-26. This is what set up Penn State’s drive from their own 25 yard line, down 27-26 with 2 minutes left.

The stage is set for an upset, for Penn State to redeem themselves and put away the game like they could not last year. All Penn State needed is a field goal to go up 29-27 and win the game. Instead this drive ends in 45 seconds, while wasting 2 timeouts and a turnover on downs. The big rivalry game between Penn State and Ohio State would end the same way as last year with Penn State blowing yet another 4th quarter lead to yet another loss to Ohio State. Last year this ended up putting Penn State out of the College Football Playoff and put Ohio State in it. Let’s hope this heartbreaking loss doesn’t do the same again and they can bounce back this year.






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