No Place For Hate Raises Funds

By Haroula Barbounis, Gabriella Lozada, and Gracie Hawkinson

No Place For Hate is selling Refocus Bands and chapsticks for their fundraiser. The Refocus Bands cost $10 apiece. They are only five slots per form, so if you want more than five orders, you have to fill it out again. You must complete your form online. Orders are due Tuesday, October 9th. Orders and money are to be given Ms. DosSantos and Mrs. Kennedy. The bracelets come in numerous colors and patterns. The Refocus Bands have kids sizes as well as adult sizes, and NPFH loves the positive messages on them. They feel that if you have positive thoughts, you can spread on that positivity to others.

In addition, they are also selling lip balms with positive messages and quotes written on the tubes. Made by Miss Dos’s sister, they cost 2 dollars and come in these flavors: Cherry Berry (Miss Dos’s favorite), Mango Peach, Cake Frosting, French Vanilla, and Peppermint. The lip products are organic and made from beeswax. Despite the fact that they were from last year’s fundraisers, the remaining merchandise are still in pristine condition. “I love this chapstick,” says Abby C., who is a senior here at the high school.

According to Mrs. Kennedy, The Refocus Bands and chapsticks make very good holiday gifts. The bands are very stylish and also great for everyday wear.

Furthermore, besides the chapsticks and Refocus bands, NPFH also has T-shirts and sweatshirts. As a matter of fact, Eleonora H. has bought a sweatshirt. She says, “Yes, I got this sweatshirt from No Place For Hate. It’s really comfortable and I like the material.”

Any money that No Place For Hate gets from their fundraisers goes to the activities that we do here in our school. For example, NPFH paid for the speakers in assemblies, buses for conferences, decorations for bathrooms, supplies from paintings and much more. So be sure to place your orders so you can rock your Refocus Bands, have a positive message always with you when you reach for your lip balm, keep warm with your sweatshirt.







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