Salisbury’s Super Student: Lucas Reichard

Salisbury’s Super Students is a recurring column on the Falcon Courier that showcases some of the amazing things that our students accomplish and the amazing young adults they are becoming. For more installments of Salisbury’s Super Students stay updated on the Falcon Courier website.

By Colten Hagadus and Zachary Peace

There isn’t a more interesting person in the Senior Class than Lucas James Reichard. Lucas spends his time doing a variety of things. His first love is watching trains. He enjoys going out on the weekend hunting down and photographing trains that storm through the Lehigh Valley. He describes his passion as, “Trains are something special in my life. The size, power, and loud sounds of a speeding train brings me a great joy.” When he’s not down by the tracks, you can find Lucas on the football field, the baseball diamond, the weight room, or in the rifle range. He plays for Varsity on the football, baseball, and rifle team. With his already busy school schedule, Lucas is also a part of two model train clubs; Lehigh Valley Garden Railroader’s and Coopersburg Area Society of Model Engineers. In his free time, he works on his model train layout or plays video games with friends.

Lucas was adopted from Seoul, South Korea at 3 months old and lived in East Penn School district until he was 7. He then came to Salisbury in third grade and has stayed ever since, despite moving 2 times within the district. His dream job is to become a locomotive engineer for the Reading & Northern Railroad in Port Clinton, PA, and he is on the right “track” to success. It is absolutely astonishing how Lucas can handle all the activities he does and still productively accomplish his goals.



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