Movie Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

By Haroula Barbounis

If you are in love with romantic comedies, then you will love To All the Boys I Loved Before. The main character Lara Jean Covey, played by actress Lana Condor, writes five love letters, one for every boy she’s ever loved, which includes the most popular boy in her grade and her sister’s ex-boyfriend. That alone just tells us how messy this situation could get if these were ever read. Now, Lara Jean has no intention of sending her letters and keeps them in a hatbox in her closet. However, one day, the letters somehow get sent, and they turn Lara Jean’s life upside down.

Overall, the plot of the movie is pretty well-written with few plot holes. While this movie was based on the book by Jenny Han, you don’t have to necessarily read the book to get an idea of what is going on in the movie. The dialogue is decent and the tone of the movie is very radiant and hopeful. Some low points of this movie is that can get a bit boring at times and there are some instances where some matters don’t get resolved, but it doesn’t, as a result, interfere the movie as a whole. Also, the ending of the movie, to those who watch past the credits, is a very suspenseful cliffhanger, leaving you wondering whether there will be a second movie. Additionally, this movie touches on many important topics that affect teens today, which include unrequited crushes. The character Lara Jean herself is easy to relate to, and it isn’t difficult to see yourself in her shoes. They also mention the topic of teens who deal with parental problems, which in retrospect, is relatable. While that topic is important to adolescents today, it seems a bit overused, consider it is used in many movies. However, all in all, to To All the Boys I Loved Before, I give it a thumbs-up.







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