Notre Dame Clips the Falcons’ Wings

By Justin Burkhardt

The Salisbury Falcons Varsity football team went to Notre Dame this past Friday to take on the 3-1, now 4-1, Crusaders. It was a rough night for the Falcons, playing with limited starting players due to a plethora of injuries that has riddled the Falcon starting lineup. The remaining healthy Falcon players were typically freshman and sophomores, leading to an inexperienced eleven.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, has been an offensive powerhouse, obliterating teams and passing right down the field, it was no different for the Falcons. With a healthy lineup and strong bench, the Notre Dame Crusaders stayed consistent through the game and came out on top.

It was a close game and even almost tied going into halftime. It wasn’t until the 3rd quarter that Notre Dame began to pull away, taking advantage of a young and inexperienced Falcon’s secondary that couldn’t keep up with the Crusader’s top-rated quarterback and wide receiving core.

The game ended in a score of 55 – 21, with Notre Dame decisively defeating the Falcons. That puts the Falcon’s standings at 1 -3, and Notre Dame at 3-1. The Falcons look to take on Catasauqua this week, and Notre Dame will play against Palisades.



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