Falcons’ Fancy Footwork

By Haroula Barbounis

As September closes, Salisbury High School is in full swing with their soccer season. For the boys soccer team, the varsity team has won a home game against Pine Grove, a home game against Notre Dame, and an away game against Northern Lehigh, making it altogether three victories. Junior varsity recently won one game against Catasauqua, the score 1-0, and it also tied twice, once with Notre Dame and once with Palisades. The boys are coached by SHS American Cultures teacher Mr. Frick and SMS gym teacher Mr. Allinson, as well as SHS Algebra 2 and Geometry 2 teacher Mr. Hahn, who coaches junior varsity.

Despite the tough practices, boys soccer is a very fun after-school activity, especially to junior varsity soccer player George Barbounis, who says, “I like soccer because it’s fun and I get to hang out with my friends.”

They have also played games from schools that weren’t even in their league. For instance, the boys played Freedom High School. However, they lost to them, the score 5-0. The boys varsity team was also scheduled to play Liberty High School, but the game ended up being canceled.

Meanwhile, the girls soccer team has been recently bringing home the gold. Coached by Mr. Babyak and Mr. DeOliveira, varsity has won 6 games, two of which against Notre Dame, while junior varsity, coached by Ms. DeOliveira, won 3, which were against Blue Mountain, Pen Argyl Area and also Notre Dame. The junior varsity team also tied against Palisades, coincidentally as well as the girls varsity team. Just like the boys varsity soccer team, girls varsity was also scheduled to play schools that were not in their league. For example, girls varsity was supposed to play Parkland High School, but, unluckily, the game was also canceled.

Overall, the boys and girls soccer teams have done well so far this season, and we hope that they rack up more wins for Salisbury.

The pictures below are of the recent home games against Catasauqua. Unfortunately, the varsity team lost, but junior varsity got their first win.







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