Say Cheese!


By Haroula Barbounis

How did you dress up for Picture Day? Picture Day at Salisbury High School was held on Wednesday, September 19th. Students dressed up very nicely for the occasion, with girls in dresses and some boys who have gone as far as to wear tuxedos! What most students do is that they dress with a fancy shirt and sweatpants, so they are comfortable but look nice for their picture at the same time.

Regardless, while Picture Day was held on the 19th of September for Salisbury High School, that was not the case for Western Salisbury Elementary. Western’s Picture Day was originally supposed to be held on Tuesday, September 12th, but was rescheduled to Tuesday, October 9th, due to the poor air quality conditions at Western. Luckily, for Salisbury Middle School, Picture Day was held on Wednesday, September 10th, as initially planned, despite the recent influx of WSE students. As most students very well know, Christmas City Studio is the company that takes our school district’s pictures, and the possible background choices are Classic Gray, Traditional Blue, Gray Slash, and Warm Brown. At Salisbury, Gray Slash always seemed to be a very popular background choice, at least amongst our new freshmen. Furthermore, Christmas City Studio also offers the retouching of your picture. No one wants to deal with coming to school on Picture Day with pesky zits on their face.

In addition, the seniors of our high school always seemed to have a theme of sorts during their senior class picture. Even though the senior class picture does not occur on Picture Day itself, the senior class picture is always something that’s worth talking about. In fact, Miss DosSantos, SHS’s Spanish and biology teacher, says this:

“The seniors always go all out for the senior class picture. They make silly faces and they add props. For that picture, they always seem to have a theme. This year, though, I don’t know if the seniors have a theme yet.”







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