New Kid on the Block


By Gabriella Lozada

This 2018-2019 school year there are some new kids on the block. I’m not just talking about new students but also new staff members. You’ve probably heard him or seen him in the hallways. It’s Mr. Hahn, the fun, happy, and enthusiastic new teacher! He is the new Algebra 2 and Geometry 2 teacher and is very excited for this new school year.

Mr. Hahn studied at Parkland High School and went studied mathematics at Muhlenberg College. This is his first official teaching job, but he has student and substitute taught in the past. According to Mr. Hahn, math class is usually perceived as boring and irrelevant so he wants to make students excited for math class and hopes that they will look forward to it. He wants to change this mindset. To help accomplish this, Mr. Hahn includes plenty of games and activities to help students learn, not just sitting around and doing worksheets, staring at a board, or reading a textbook all class long.  He also wants to get to know his students and learn their learning styles to get the best possible results from them. He likes the combination of work and play. He does this because he wants his students to feel comfortable and safe in his classroom. When students feel this way, they learn their best.

Not only is Mr. Hahn the new math teacher, he is also leading several extracurricular activities. He’s involved with many things because he wants to get his “feet sunk in” and get to know the community; he’s the JV boys soccer coach, the Girls middle school basketball coach, and also the Student Government Association (SGA) advisor. He’s also in charge of Falcon Ambassadors, planning the pep rally, plans spirit week themes, and plans other school activities and events. Mr. Hahn enjoys coaching because he likes to teach both in classroom and out of the classroom. He’s also having a lot of fun coaching the JV boys soccer team and is hoping to get some wins in there. He has his strategies for the middle school girls basketball team. He wants to practice with the girls Varsity and JV basketball teams to build Salisbury basketball as a unit, so that the teams have similar playing styles and continue to grow. Aside from being the coach, he is also a PIAA Basketball Official, so keep an eye out for him. Now, if you are in any of Mr. Hahn’s classes, you know that he loves basketball. Just take a quick glance around his room and you’ll see his love for the sport. In his class, expect to play a handful of trashketball. He enjoys doing this because it gives students some play time. As mentioned before, he wants his students to feel comfortable and safe in his classroom. He also uses trashketball for some math reviews.

Overall, Mr. Hahn seems to be a great teacher. In his class, the students will definitely have a good time but also learn efficiently. Salisbury, be prepared to see a lot more of Mr. Hahn!







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