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By Kyle Strubeck

Apple began as a startup in the garage of Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak would go on to create the Apple 1, a computer whose primary objective was to optimize space. Ever since then, advancements in technology allowed engineers to shrink their products. From the Apple 1 to the Macintosh, to the first iPhone and iPods, it seemed like smaller was the future. However, after the invention of the iPhone, luxury took the place of convenience, and they began to grow in size again. The first iPhone measured at 4.5×2.4 inches. Today, Apple’s newest product, the iPhone Xs, measures at 6.2×3.1 inches. Along with the increase in size, there are a few more additions to the new version of the familiar product.


By Haroula Barbounis

How did you dress up for Picture Day? Picture Day at Salisbury High School was held on Wednesday, September 19th. Students dressed up very nicely for the occasion, with girls in dresses and some boys who have gone as far as to wear tuxedos! What most students do is that they dress with a fancy shirt and sweatpants, so they are comfortable but look nice for their picture at the same time.


By Gabriella Lozada

This 2018-2019 school year there are some new kids on the block. I’m not just talking about new students but also new staff members. You’ve probably heard him or seen him in the hallways. It’s Mr. Hahn, the fun, happy, and enthusiastic new teacher! He is the new Algebra 2 and Geometry 2 teacher and is very excited for this new school year.