Post-Weinstein Universe

By Lindsey Diamond

Tensions in Hollywood are high as sexual assault allegations are more apparent than ever. In October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was first accused of sexual harassment by two actresses, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd. Resulting in the sexual allegations, Weinstein was terminated from his company. Many other women built the confidence and came forward with their stories of harassment and assault regarding Weinstein. After the Weinstein scandal, above 50 workers in Hollywood have been terminated due to sexual misconduct accusations, such as Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, and Danny Masterson. Since then, many topics of discussions arose about women coming forward with assault, what punishment is appropriate for those who commit these crimes, and if one can still support an actor’s work without necessarily supporting the actor.

Coming forward about sexual assault is not easy for women in the slightest. After the Weinstein scandal, many women built up the courage to expose their past abuser. This caused what is known as the “Weinstein Effect”, where people come forward and accuse famous or powerful men for their sexual misconduct. In “After Weinstein: 50 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct and their Fall from Power”, the writers informed readers about the fallouts of the once powerful men in Hollywood. Showing that these men are not indestructible created a shift in Hollywood, and gave women the confidence they need. This confidence is vital for women to have, because statistically only one in five women report sexual assault. On the other hand, false accusation can occur with giving women definite benefit of the doubt, so investigations need to occur so someone’s career is not falsely destroyed.

Let’s imagine for a second- Your favorite movie has an actor in it that has recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Purchasing the movie helps support the actor, because of existing royalties, but you can’t just seem to quit being a fan cold turkey. The article “In the Post Harvey Weinstein Universe, Can You Separate the Art from the Artist” raises the question, “Can one separate art from an artist?” This is all really up to the audiences decision, but remember, the audience directly affects that actor’s success. What example does it really set that people in Hollywood are still being supported even after they sexually assaulted a person? A website lets you can search any movie or television shows name, and a person’s name will pop up who was accused of sexual assault. This will help combat people unknowingly supporting sexual predators in Hollywood.

Overall, Hollywood has been making changes for the better as stated in the article, “Who’s Next? High Anxiety in Hollywood”. Hollywood has been taking precautions to prevent sexual assault in the first place, such as not allowing meetings with less than three people present. They also discourage meetings inside hotel rooms as well, instead holding them in public places. These precautions are a step in the right direction to decreasing Hollywood’s high rate of sexual assault.

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