Love Advice: What to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day could be the most dreadful holiday if you’re single. It reminds you that being in love is so pleasant because couples go all out on this day; buying gifts for each other and going on dates. What Valentine’s Day does not stress is that it is okay to be independent and alone on this holiday.

Doing things for yourself is so important. We’ve said it before, and we feel the need to say it again: you were born with everything you needed to survive. Never let anyone tell you that you need someone to make you complete. You already are.

Instead of spending money on someone else, why don’t you do something to benefit yourself for free. Working out is a good way to make yourself feel happy, and it also benefits you as well. Or, you can even make money on Valentine’s Day instead of spending it on a significant other by working at your job, which occupies you and keeps your mind off of Valentine’s Day as well. There is nothing wrong with working on yourself instead of putting effort or focusing too much on a boyfriend/girlfriend.

There are also other people to spend Valentine’s Day with other than a boyfriend/girlfriend. Family and friends are options to spend time with. Exchange candy and flowers with them instead! After all, Valentine’s Day is about love and love comes in many forms other than solely a romantic one.

So next time you see a couple on a date during Valentine’s Day, do not feel bad about yourself. Embrace your independence and know that one day when the time is right you’ll meet the right person who makes everyday feel like Valentine’s Day.


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