Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Jack Kubinec

Following the release of his fifth studio album Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake took one of the biggest performances of his career at Super Bowl LII. He stepped out to perform a medley of his biggest hits, as everyone sang along. Although it had mixed reviews, overall the performance was good…keyword good. Although Justin is a phenomenal singer and dancer, his performance lacked something many people in the audience were waiting for, originality. All he did was sing and dance and walk through the crowd multiple times. This may of been because he was the follow up to Lady Gaga’s phenomenal halftime show, or even what he was wearing.

He started out in an underground club at the US Bank Arena as he performed his newest single Filthy which has also received mixed reviews, with its electronic muffled sound. He then stepped out on a walkway leading to the main stage, in a camouflage outfit, orange bandana, and fringed leather jacket. He performed many of his older songs, which is what people enjoyed most, including his hit Rock Your Body which had a large role in the Janet Jackson controversial halftime show just over a decade ago. He then moved to a small stage as he performed a tribute to Prince in his home city of Minneapolis, who had passed away in 2016. This moment was what most people saw as the most controversial part of his performance, as a large hologram of Prince performing was projected onto the screen. People saw a problem with this because Prince had stated before he died he thought holograms and projections of dead singers were weird, and specifically didn’t want that when he passed on. There were also past rumors that the two singers didn’t get along and didn’t like each other which also made the homage seem out of place. Timberlake closed the show with his hit Can’t Stop the Feeling as he ran into the crowd and up the stands. This is where a young boy stole the show, as he seemed totally unphased by the major popstar being right next to him. He stared at his phone as he then took a selfie with him, but that was all. Let’s just say, this boy was a great representation as how many of us felt.

Overall, the performance was very average and there was room for a lot better performance. Don’t get me wrong, Justin is very talented and has a lot of ability when it comes to performance, but he didn’t seem to showcase it in this instance.

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