Mock Auditions

By Jack Kubinec

This past week, Salisbury Theatre offered a mock audition for students interested in auditioning for the spring musical. It allowed students to become aware of the process, perform with peers, and grow comfortable with each other. The directors of the Theatre program, Will Erwin and Nina Elias, wanted to be familiar with new students who may of not been apart of any shows in the past. They chose to have both boys and girls learn 2-3 songs they felt comfortable with performing by themselves. This mock audition prepared students for the future audition so they’ll have experience under their belt.

A senior who attended the audition, Sophia Ravenelle, stated it was a way for people, especially new students, to get used to how the real audition will be/how to prepare and what to expect. She also said it was very fun for her especially because it was her first time at a mock audition, and since it is her last musical production it was cool to see so many news faces. A very bittersweet moment to perform in your last show, while meeting new students who may be performing for the first time.

Choosing to do a mock audition this year was a great decision, given it gave students an opportunity which was not offered before. Hopefully it because a recurring event in Salisbury’s future.

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