It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year at Salisbury

By Rylee Yerkes

Salisbury High School has been expecting their yearly visit from a tiny festive elf: The Elf on the Shelf. He began hiding around the school on Monday, 12/18. Students and staff received the following email signed by their annual guest on Tuesday, 12/13. Each year, Mr. Anderson sends well-crafted riddles to students in order to give hints as to where the Elf is going to be hiding. To anticipate the arrival of the Elf, one of the riddles reads:

“It’s been awhile, but I’m on my way,

I should be arriving from the North by next Monday.

And who is this you may ask yourself?

Why it’s me, The Elf on the Shelf!”

The Elf on the Shelf will be hidden in different places around the school each day. The first ten people to find him will receive a candy cane from Mr. Anderson, who is to thank for this cheerful tradition. A selection from the Monday, December 18 entry reads:

“I will be hiding somewhere throughout the school,
A different place a day, isn’t that cool?
Be one of ten to find me, a candy cane you will receive,
E-mail Anderson my location so your present you can retrieve.”

Although in the past there have been hints as to where the elf is hidden, there will be no help this year. The elf’s location will be revealed at the end of each day such as the one that everyone received Monday afternoon. Mr. Anderson puts a lot of time into writing these clever poems and hiding the elf. He says that during the holiday season, it’s okay to have some fun and that we might as well make our school days entertaining. Last year, there was holiday karaoke hosted during lunch, and there are plans to do it again this year.

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