Taylor Swift declares herself dead on her new album “Reputation”

 By Jack Kubinec

After not releasing an album for three years, Taylor Swift made a striking entrance back into mainstream music. Reputation is no doubt the largest album release in 2017, selling 1.2 million copies in the US, and 2 million copies worldwide. This could be because of the symbolistic killing of her old self, representing herself a snake, and coming to her senses of her big reputation, but either way it created something different for Swift.

The opening track …Ready For It? features Taylor singing and rapping over electronic inspired music that includes deep synths, heavy bass, and drum machines. The song transitions from heavy beats to light synths quickly on the bridge, showcasing Swift’s atmospheric vocals. A similar vibe is heard on I Did Something Bad which includes similar bass and trap drums. Playing on the topic of her reputation, Taylor sings about the media and public’s perception of herself, and sings as how they see her. The album can be seen as two sides of Taylor, the flaunting rigorousness on songs like Look What You Made Me Do and End Game which features Future & Ed Sheeran, and the softer side which truly showcases her emotions. She sings Delicate on the simple instrumental with heavy harmonies and light vocals about how she is vulnerable and hesitant when walking into a new relationship. In King of My Heart, Taylor ties in lyrics from other songs dealing with the kingdom she lives in. Whether it’s in Look What You Made Me Do where she lost her “kingdom keys”, or in Call It What You Want where her castle crumbled, but in this song she finds a new love with a different interest. The closing track off of the album New Year’s Day expresses strong emotion over a simple piano beat. Swift sings, using the metaphor of a party, that in the end she will hold onto the memories when the new year comes.

Taylor Swift used Reputation as the entrance into her new sound, utilizing new experience to create her best music yet. Although this album gave us a view into Taylor’s new side, it is sure she will have more up her sleeve for the future.

Her new album can be found here.


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