Best Water Fountain in Salisbury High School

By Nathan Rolls & Lindsey Diamond

In Salisbury High School, an important question stands, “Which water fountain should I use?” There never seems to be a direct, concrete answer of, “Use this water fountain.” To figure out the answer, we gathered different water samples from the six main water fountains (three upstairs, and three downstairs) and put them in a cup with a corresponding number to the location. The test subjects did not have any knowledge about which cup came from which water fountain.

We asked the test subjects to rate each cup of water they tasted on a 1-10 point scale. There were three test subjects, so we had to average the scores out. Here are the results:

Cup 1- Near Mrs. Pacitti and Ms. Lucas’ room. This cup was rated a 6.16/10 and had one of the water bottle fillers. The number displayed on the “amount of water bottles filled” was 1,448.

Cup 2-  By Mrs. Borthwick’s room. This water was rated a 6.66/10 and many of the test subjects expressed this water was seemingly colder in temperature. This water fountain did not have one of the filtered water bottle system.

Cup 3- By Mrs. Spradlin’s room. This water was rated the best with an 8/10 and did not have a water bottle filler station. This water was also labeled as noticeably colder in temperature.

Cup 4- By Mr. Smith’s office. This one had the lowest rating with a 3.33/10. The water was labeled warm with a lead-like taste. This water fountain has the water bottle filler station and the number of water bottles saved was 16,451.

Cup 5- By the main office and had the second lowest score with a 3.5/10. This water fountain had a water bottle station and the number of water bottles saved was 12,677. This water fountain was warm and also had a lead-like taste.

Cup 6- By Mr. Snyder’s room. This water fountain was rated a 6.32/10. The water bottle filling station’s number projected that 8,297 water bottles were saved. Many of the test subjects agreed that this water was cold in temperature as well.

We found with our research that having the filtered water bottle station does not necessarily affect the quality of the water. The best liked water fountain actually did not even have the filter. The top three best water fountains in order was the one by Spradlin’s, then the one by Borthwick’s room, and coming in third was the water fountain by Snyder’s. The winners also had the coldest water temperatures as well. It is ironic the water fountain by Mr. Smith’s office had the highest number in water bottles saved at 16,451, but was rated the lowest in quality.


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