Fall Trends 2017

By: Morgan Strubeck

Fall trends are very in right now and are super cute. Trends are something that is a general direction in something that is developing or changing. Every season has a trend. It also doesn’t have to be the exact trend because you’re the one that is going to wear it. If you like some of the outfit but not all of it you can add something you like to go with it. The thing about trends is that you can change it up a bit but still look cute. With fall trends it’s about being yourself and styling the way you want to look.

Here are some examples of what is trending this fall for the girls. Since it’s fall season and it’s getting colder the girls are wearing sweaters for their tops, jeans for their bottoms, and boots for their shoes. Some of the tops are from American Eagle, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Garage, Aero, and Hollister. For the jeans you can get them at any of these stores but American Eagle has some really good ones to wear that are super comfortable. For the boots you can get them at DSW, Macy’s, Bonton, and Nordstrom Rack.The certain boots that are trending for fall are the Saltwater Duck Boots from Sperry.

Clothes from places like American Eagle, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Garage, Aero, and Hollister are very trendy and in style all the time. American Eagle is pretty known for their jeans because they are very comfortable. They always have a sale rack so if you don’t want to spend your money on the full price items you can find something that you like on sale. Forever 21 is known for having cheap clothing that is affordable. Urban Outfitters is known for having really expensive clothing that is trendy. Garage is known for having designed clothing that is from Montreal that is pricey but is still in trend. Aero is known for having clothing that is not cheap but is also a reasonable price.


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