The Rat Gerald in Salisbury Attacks

By: Zach Peace


When thinking of flying rodents, bats are usually the only thing to come to mind. That’s not true for Salisbury students this week, after a scare on November 29th.

While working on the Falcon Courier Display Case, students Brett Minnick, Colten Hagadus, Patrick To, and Zach Peace encountered “Gerald,” a flying mouse who jumped out of the ceiling and into their nightmares.


The mouse was almost immediately apprehended by Brett Minnick, who grabbed Gerald with his bare hands and released him outside moments later.


“It all happened so quickly. I was just working on my display case when this monstrosity came out of nowhere.”


While some may have frozen in such a situation, Brett acted quickly and decisively. So quickly, in fact, that he was able to grab the mouse with only his own two hands and rid the school of his presence.


The students were only in the hallway because they were designing the Falcon Courier’s new winter themed display, which is located just outside room 06.


A long running conspiracy theory at Salisbury is that there are cats in the ceilings, and this incident may have finally revealed the reason. If there truly are mice like Gerald in the ceilings of Salisbury, then perhaps the cats are hunting them. At this point the only remaining question is whether the cats got there naturally or if they are part of some experimental extermination tactics.

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