The 2017 Salisbury Turkey Launch

By Jack Kubinec


The tradition that has been making Salisbury great since 1995 had returned, and sadly no records were broken. Three groups competed, with the furthest distance being around 34 yards and the other two being only around five yards. The three machines built to launch these turkeys were diverse, one being a trebuchet, a slingshot, and a catapult. The record of about 90 yards was set not too long ago, but the same type of machine brought success to the furthest launch this year.

It started with the slingshot coming from Ruby, Lany, Hailey, Vivian, and Meghan’s group. They launched the turkey around their expected distance of eight feet, but it didn’t even go as far as they thought. Then came the winning group, which consisted of Michael, Thomas, Jack, and Mark. Their trebuchet hurled the turkey across the field which was the furthest distance of the day. The student body roared with applause as the turkey reached its distance of about 34 yards. Lastly, the catapult built by Josh, Noah, Elijah, Cole, and Darrin was almost a tragedy. After the singular rope snapped, they had to mend to their machine to allow the turkey to launch. Once it was fixed, the turkey only went a short distance, similar to the first groups.

Although no records had been broken or set this year, each girl spent their time on these turkey launching machines that ultimately had worked successfully. They put their knowledge of physics to the test and competed against each other. Each group walked away with the ability to say they launched a turkey in Salisbury’s Annual Turkey Launch.

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