The Thanksgiving Lunch

By Lindsey Diamond

The Best Buddies room Salisbury High School refers as, or the MDS room (Multiple Disabilities) is learning a unit this November about tradition, so they wanted to prepare a Thanksgiving lunch. Their unit covers communities and civilizations such as learning how people had different cultures throughout history, which evolved into traditions. This month, they decided to coordinate a field trip with their unit, and they visited the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. Another idea for November they thought up was to learn about the first Thanksgiving. From there, Mrs. Seng thought to have a Thanksgiving meal with the Giant gift card they won for the display case outside.

Preparation with the Thanksgiving meal ironically started with dessert. For dessert they made mini pumpkin pies. They established what traditional Thanksgiving foods are, but ended up serving chicken instead of turkey so they get a variety of meat this week instead of solely turkey. Other foods they made for the lunch were mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, carrots, cranberry salad, rolls & butter, and stuffing.

Before the Thanksgiving lunch, books were read to them about Thanksgiving stories to remind everyone the significance of the meal they were about to have.

During lunch time, the best buddies ate in the downstairs faculty room their Thanksgiving meals. I had the privilege to be invited to this meal after setting up and everything was delicious! I agree there is no better way to share knowledge about traditions than a Thanksgiving meal. Everyone seemed so happy and ate a lot; Adam DeFulvio even asked for seconds. The room was also decorated beautifully by Mrs. Garcia, and really captured the festivities of Thanksgiving.


The Best Buddies room wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving this year!

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