Don’t Ruin Thanksgiving!

By Brett Minnick

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of year where the crisp air and bountiful amounts of food bring together friends and family.  For many of us, it can be a nightmare.  We all love our friends and family but the idea of finding discussion topics with people we barely ever see, except for holiday occasions, can be dangerous.  Quickly, an argument can break out ruining the evening for all.  Politics are the primary threat where even mentioning the names Trump Clinton or Obama will result in catastrophic consequences.  The simple fix is don’t talk about politics but if you feel a need to or want to participate in a conversation, choose some neutral politicians and countries that will make you sound well informed.  

Politics are not the only thing that can cause strife however.  We all know too well the stress caused by inquires about our personal lives that should remain personal.  Questions like, “What are you going to do with your life?” or “Are you looking at colleges?”  These questions about life direction are gruesome for anyone and they will ruin the holiday for you.  So to avoid all this, I have put together a list of topics that will make everyone happy and ready for the holiday.


Talk About Avoid
How Good the Turkey Is (Too) Personal Life
Wonderful Weather we are Having (or not) Romantics
Your outfit looks nice Donald Trump
Pass the ______ Please? Hillary Clinton
You have a wonderful home! Second Amendment
Look at this picture of my dog?  Do you have any pets? Taxes
What football games are on today? The Middle East
These gas prices are crazy! School
TV/Movies Protests (BLM, Neo Nazis, etc)


Now remember, these phrases alone won’t save you from the avoids column.  Nor will they prevent it from being awkward.  The key here is delivery.  Make sure you are saying these positively and inviting conversation to occur.  And even if all of these fail and the meal is a disaster, you still have the Thanksgiving Parade, Thanksgiving Football, and Black Friday to look forward to.  

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