School on Saturdays?

By Zach Peace


On Saturday mornings one would expect not to find high school students: they’re all asleep, obviously. This was not the case last Saturday, November 11. Twenty-two students left Salisbury High School at 7:30 in the morning on a weekend to attend the Wyomissing Area Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC).

At WAMUNC there were several different committees of students. These committees addressed numerous issues, ranging from instability in Pakistan to a dinner party murder mystery. The Salisbury delegation took home 3 Honorable Mentions. These were awarded to Freshman, Aaron Glenister, Junior, Zach Peace and Senior, Olivia Dragovits.

Courtesy of the Instagram of Sativa Stecker


This is the first of many Model United Nations conferences that Salisbury will be attending this year, the next being in early December. In February Salisbury will be attending JHUMUNC, the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference. This five day conference happens every year and attracts hundreds of students.


Any students wishing to learn more about Model UN, contact our advisor, Mrs. Tanya Kennedy, in room 127 or at


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