The Annual Turkey Launch

By Jack Kubinec

You may have seen signs around the school, mentioning how the “Tradition” begins November 8th and continues to November 22nd, but what is this tradition? The event that has taken over Salisbury High School for years upon years, returns next week. The annual Turkey Launch. Hosted by Mr. Koba, Honors Physics II students continue the event of building a catapult and hurling a turkey older than the students across a field outside of the school, in hopes to reach the record of 66 yards.

This turkey is all ready to take flight soon, as it’s been sitting in the staff room’s fridge in its usual year long spot but students have been busy creating their machines since November 8th. One member of a group participating, Vivian Rodgers, says she’s “super excited”. She’s watched this event take place for years and think’s it’s amazing she is finally apart of it. On if her group will win, she isn’t too confident with the possible results. Her group has been working hard for the past few weeks but there is tough competition they’re up against.

We won’t know until next week who will take the title of the furthest turkey launched, but students will be eagerly watching on the 22nd.

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