Love Advice: Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me?

By Nathan Rolls and Lindsey Diamond 

Love advice makes its second year debut in the library. Everyone is free to submit questions or concerns that may arise in a relationship, and submitting said questions or concerns is easy! You can submit concerns either in the library, or via the online submission box below. All submissions are anonymous, and we respond to them as often as we get them! 

Question: Why does my boyfriend ignore me?

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than being ignored by someone, because to us, it sends the message that our time isn’t valuable to them. “Ignored” could mean many things. Is this a matter of texts or phonecalls not being answered? If this is the case, we recommend that you ask him to talk about something, and then pour out your concerns when you’re talking to them. If he is ignoring you when he’s around certain people, such as his friends, then you need to voice to him (quite literally, at this point) that what he’s doing is not okay with you. You deserve respect, so don’t let anyone eclipse your rights in a relationship.

Looking at this situation objectively, he might also be going through something hard and decided to internalize his emotions. If he never ignored you before and this is a strange, new behavior, this might be the case. First, let him know that you are still there for him no matter what and you understand if he isn’t ready to talk. If his anti-social behavior is concerning you, let someone close to him know about it. Sometimes people are too afraid to reach out for help themselves and need someone else to do it for them.

If you try all of these suggestions and find out that they have little to no effect, then it might be in your best interest to end the relationship. Of course, you’re in the driver’s seat in this relationship just as much as he is, so just remember at the end of the day that you deserve the world and nothing less.


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