Salisbury Spooks

By: Brett Minnick

Dating back to old Celtic and British Isle beliefs, Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is when the barrier between our world and the spirit world becomes thin and spirits may cross over.  To appease these spirits, people gave out treats and disguised themselves as spirits to scare off the ghosts.  

In our time however, Halloween is a much more festive and jolly time where people dress up into fun or scary costumes or costumes that reference a pop culture event.  We trick-or-treat, giving out candy to the local kids taking on the night only to have stomach-aches the next day from excessive amounts of candy.  Lastly and perhaps my favorite part of Halloween is the decorations we adorn our houses with.  Ghosts, Skeletons, Spiders are among the creatures you will see in people’s yards or windows.  Their houses are dressed in fake cobwebs and lit up in purple and orange colors.  I went out this year to look around Salisbury Township for some common trends for houses on trick-or-treat night and was not disappointed by the spookiness of our homes.  

Looking around the houses, one of the most common trends I saw was the use of fake cobwebs covering houses and porches.  This was something I had not seen in years past and much of it added to the overall decor of the house.  Many houses that do not want to spend the extreme amounts of time it can take to set up the decorations opted for a more manageable set of orange, purple and green string lights along with the cobwebs.  Another easy way for homes to join into the festivities inflatables; Some of my favorites I saw were ghosts, spiders, and even a dragon.  

Beyond the simple setups many houses break the bank with their decor, setting up leagues of ghosts and skeletons in the yard, smoke machines, makeup sheds for family members to hide in and shock the kids who come looking for their candy.  These houses see the most action on trick-or-treat night, as kids and parents know where these memorable houses are and make sure to hit that house on their nighttime walk.  

Halloween is also the time for coming together with your friends and family, and a common tradition is a bonfire on trick-or-treat and Halloween night.  Many houses take the festive opportunity to host cookouts for the chilly night and play fun music for the surrounding area, my favorite being the longtime classic “Monster Mash”.  Beyond all decorations or festivities however, there is nothing that attracts kids to a home like full-sized candy bars for a fun and festive trick-or-treat night.


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