Keystone Retaking: Tips to Pass

By Lindsey Diamond

Algebra, Biology, and Literature Keystone retakes are occurring from December 4th-15th. Keystones are important because if you are class of 2019 and below you need to pass to actually graduate. This happened because in 2016, Governor Tom Wolfe signed a temporary bill that provided a two year window for the Pennsylvania Department of Education to work on issues that evolved from using a high-stakes exam to determine high school graduation eligibility. To avoid retaking it multiple times or even repeating the grade, a proficient is needed to pass. Here are some tips to achieve that proficient:

  1. First of all, relax; The pressure is probably extreme because this test determines if you graduate or not, but a clouded mind will not help anything. The brain does not think as clearly when you are nervous compared to when you are not.


  1. Take your time; There is absolutely no time limit on the Keystones, so taking your time is absolutely recommended to avoid mistakes!


  1. Use test-taking strategies to eliminate wrong answers; these can include crossing out answers you know are wrong and reading the questions before you answer.


  1. Study; There are review sites to prepare for the Keystones. A very helpful one is allows students to learn math concepts and reading strategies to help them on the Keystones.


Good luck on the Keystone retests in December, Salisbury!


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