Graduating Class of 2021 Election

By Rylee Yerkes


The class of 2021 recently had their election for the class president, vice president, class treasurer, and class secretary. All candidates had to be in the student council. The students who ran for vice president were  Kerry Seiler, Arianna Young, and Emily Paulik. Presidential candidates included Victoria Grube, Janeida Johnson, Hannah Mamay, Kelby McNally, Nevaeh Robinson, and Rory Watson. There was only one candidate for class treasurer,  and it was the same case for class secretary.

Voting began on October 26 and ended the same day at 1:15 pm. However, campaigning began much earlier. Fueled by school spirit, the freshman worked their hardest to convince their classmates to vote for them. Posters were hung up all throughout the hallways and even inside classrooms. Students were constantly bribed with candy and other treats. Rory Watson handed out various candies with slogans tied to them, such as “I’ll never snicker at your concerns.” Nevaeh Robinson handed out homemade cupcakes.


The runners were quite competitive and absolutely determined to win. Students had a hard time choosing who would best represent them throughout their high school career, as all candidates are very worthy. Teachers also had a say in who should be elected. The winners were announced the next day on October 27th.


Congratulations to the winners:


Rory Watson as President

Emily Paulik as Vice President

Brynn Kubinsky as Class Treasurer

Sierra Rauch as Class Secretary

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