Gettysburg Field Trip

By Rylee Yerkes


On November 14th, students in American Cultures I classes will attend an educational field trip to the National Battlefield Park of Gettysburg. Students will leave the school at 8:00 am and return to the school at 6:00 pm. Lunches can be supplied by the cafeteria for $3.00, or attendees can bring their own lunch. Students should have received a permission slip during the week of 10/30, and returned it to their social studies teacher by Friday, 11/3.  

In American Cultures I, students have been studying the events of the Civil War with either Mrs. Kennedy or Mr. Frick. Mrs. Kennedy has worked very hard to provide this field trip, so students are expected to be on their best behavior. The town of Gettysburg, containing a famous battlefield from the Civil War, is full of educational monuments and memorabilia. Participants will be able to walk around and visit historic scenes that students in other states are rarely able to see. Having the opportunity to visit such an important place in American History makes for a memorable learning experience.


There is a gift shop that sells civil war related souvenirs (and candy), so students do have the option of bringing money to buy something there. Other than that, students aren’t required to bring money. The bus ride is roughly 2 hours long, and it’s recommended that students bring some snacks and a portable phone charger. Students will also need to provide their own transportation to get home, as the bus returns to Salisbury High School late after school hours.

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