German Exchange Students at a Spanish Party

By Patrick To and Zachary Peace


It’s an exhilarating time at Salisbury High School. The German exchange students are here and the student body is ecstatic. Our guests from Haßfurt were greeted during Second Block on Friday October 27th with a party in Profe. Cherry’s room.

At the party German students were immersed in Spanish culture and food. Firsthand witness and party attendee Justin Burkhardt described the event, saying “Great party, great time, great Spanish”.

There was a lot of exotic Spanish cuisine in Cherry’s room that day. Chicken Quesadillas and Empanadas were ubiquitous on the plates of our guests. Students came from all across campus to spend some time with our visiting friends.

The German Exchange students have been doing a lot of exciting stuff during their time here in America. They’ve visited Philadelphia, Lancaster and even the Shady Maple Buffet. Now, just a week before they leave for their homeland, they get to enjoy a party with their American friends.

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