NFL Week 9

By: Brett Minnick


One of the best games of the 2017 season and certainly the best of the week was the week 8 shootout between young gun Deshaun Watson and electrifying Russell Wilson.  The Texans and Seahawks have typically been known for their defense in years, but the 41-38 final score speaks otherwise.  Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson both showed elite passing ability, escapability in the pocket, and poise when faced with clutch situations, such as Russell Wilson hitting Jimmy Graham for the go ahead touchdown.

 This back and forth battle took the highlight over many of the other games.  The Steelers and Bills are streaking and look like true AFC contenders.  The Lions are flopping in the weak NFC North and making the Vikings look like the favorite to win the division.  Looking ahead at this week, the Falcons and Panthers will fight to stay in contention, especially as the Panthers look to improve their offense after losing Kelvin Benjamin at the trade deadline.  The Bucs and Saints face off in New Orleans.  This should be another shootout as Jameis Winston will have to limit the mistakes, not a strong suit of his, in order to beat a very good Saints team.  Drew Brees will go right at the Bucs secondary and the run game should be flowing for the Saints.  The Bucs will have to look to outscore the Saints for this game.  

The game to watch this week however is when the Chiefs and Cowboys play in Arlington.  Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended again and Marcus Peters will have to lock down Dez Bryant.  This will force DaK Prescott to play at an MVP level if he wants to get the win.  Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt should fear nothing on the Dallas defense but should not underestimate them.  The Cowboys Defense always finds a way to limit opponents and give their offense the reigns.  Without Ezekiel Elliott, I see the Cowboys offense becoming unbalanced and the Chiefs offense being too much for them to handle.  The Chiefs are going to take this one on the road.  

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