The Return of Szechuan Sauce

By Zach Peace


Nineteen years ago, Disney launched a movie franchise in the form of Mulan. To advertise for this $304 million grossing movie, they partnered with McDonald’s, launching an advertising campaign centered around Szechuan Sauce. This “hot & spicy” dipping sauce, which was only available for a limited time, has since become a legend in urban culture.

The return of Szechuan Sauce was brought about by its recent highlight in the hit animated television series, Rick and Morty, where main character Rick described it as his “one armed man”, a reference to Twin Peaks, meaning that the central goal of the series is to get Szechuan sauce once again.

A petition was also created on, in an attempt to bring Szechuan Sauce back to McDonald’s, which has since reached almost 50,000 signatures. The user’s name, Wubba lubba dub dub, is from a line in Rick and Morty. It’s interesting that although it originally was a Mulan advertisement, Szechuan has moved far beyond it’s original movie, and now is more associated with Rick and Morty than the Disney movie.

Obtaining this sauce will prove difficult for fans of the show here in Salisbury: the only McDonald’s in our area that will have the sauce, which launches on October 7 at 2 PM local time, and will only be available as supplies last, will be certain locations in Scranton and Philadelphia. For more information on locations that will have Szechuan, check


Don’t be discouraged though; even if you are not near a location to get Szechuan sauce, you can still participate in Mcdonalds launching of Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, which are a new McDonald’s product also launching on Oct. 7. At certain locations, the only Allentown location being at 721 Cedar Crest Blvd, 18104, you will be able to experience this new chicken product, as well as receive a free poster, with the purchase of BCT, or any of McDonald’s 10 sauces, including Szechuan.
Although it will likely be very difficult to get Szechuan sauce, it’s very exciting that it’s returning, even for such a short time. As Patrick To, a longtime fan of Rick and Morty, said about this exciting development,  “I need the sauce”.

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