Pep Rally Decoration Results

By Patrick To


The students here at SHS have shows their creative sides in the gym decorating contest. Each class gave it their all, but the Seniors take it in the end. The decorations were as follows:

Seniors: The Seniors had a Dr. Seuss theme. It was specifically crafted after the book “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” They changed it to Oh the Places We’ll Go, and covered the wall with small hot air balloons made of paper. They also had green bushes with words bending around them. The decorations featured balloons, signs, and houses. The seniors said that their decorations hold sentimental value and that they were sure they would win.


Juniors: The Juniors were the runner ups and had a 50s theme. The title was “Jammin Juniors”, and they featured big cardboard guitars, Elvis, jukeboxes, and large silhouettes. There were many finer details such as the cups, records, and music notes. There were records and some smaller guitars placed in the crowd.


Sophomores: The Sophomores had a super hero theme. The title was “Super Sophomores”, and they featured superhero cutouts and batman’s symbol. They also had various onomatopoeia signs placed in the crowd. When asked for a quote, Ernest Fermin states “We’re struggling out here.”  “The sophomores ended up in last place.


Freshmen: The Freshmen were in third place, and their theme was “Famous Freshmen.” They featured the stars and red carpet. When asked for a quote, Mrs.Basile states “They did their best.”

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