How is Tyrion Lannister Still Alive?

By: Patrick To

Tyrion Lannister is the shortest adult character in the Game of Thrones and has almost no combat skills. It’s a wonder that he is still alive after 7 seasons in such a violent show. Fortunately for Tyrion, combat skills are not the only thing that will keep you alive in the series.

The Lannisters are generally cunning individuals who manipulate people into doing what they want. Tyrion, despite hating his family, inherited these traits. He uses people at almost any chance he gets, but with good intention. For example, Tyrion manages to convince Bronn to save him in a trial by combat by offering money. He knew that Bronn was a sellsword, so he offered what he wanted. He later offered land once Bronn had enough gold. Tyrion is special because he is able to identify what people want and how that changes over time. Because he always knows what people want, he can use that information to persuade them to do what he wants.

Tyrion is also someone who is great at making friends and allies. At one point, when he was in prison a day before execution, some of his allies broke him out. He managed to escape and eventually run into Jorah Mormont. Mormont wanted one thing, and that was to gain Daenerys’ trust. At first he kidnaps Tyrion as a gift for her, but Tyrion realizes what Jorah wants. He explains that he is valuable and was going there anyway, and he eventually gained Jorah’s trust. He convinced Daenerys that he was important to the conquest of Westeros since she didn’t know the lands as much as he did. Tyrion went from prisoner to hand of the queen.

Tyrion displays his persuasion power throughout the entire series. He lives on his ability to persuade rather than fight. He may be one of the best players of the game in the entire series.

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