NFL Week 6

By Brett Minnick
Week 6 should prove to be an important week as teams try to pull away with their divisions and separate themselves from the pack.  Such is the case with defending NFC Champs the Falcons or the Packers. The Lions vs Saints game should prove to be an entertaining affair to see if the Lions Defense can back up their talk and shut down the ever dangerous Saints or if this game will turn into the typical Saints shootout we are used to seeing.

The Patriots have on paper should be an easy matchup against the Jets, however Bill Belichick is right to come in with a sense of urgency as the Jets have played well all year and typically push the Patriots to their best.  The last matchup is another test of the Rams talent against one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Jags. Jared Goff will have to limit the turnovers and be able to take pressure off Todd Gurley for this game as the Jags have looked unbeatable at times this year. However, the Jags still have a glaring weakness on offense as their best weapon is Leonard Fournette with not much help to him.  It will be interesting to see if Jared Goff and Co. have the experience to take down this inconsistently dangerous Jacksonville team.

Despite these matchups, the best game of the week will likely happen on Thursday night. A clash of powerhouses in the NFC, the Eagles and Panthers will battle out to see who can truly challenge the Falcons or Packers.  Carson Wentz and Cam Newton are two of the most entertaining quarterbacks to watch and their similar style will likely lead to a tight game.  The Eagles defense will have to contain Cam Newton in the pocket and hope that their weak secondary can hold off playmakers like Kelvin Benjamin and Christian McCaffrey.  The Panthers have already looked like they can return to the 2015 Super Bowl level squad they were by beating the Patriots, but a strong statement on Thursday night for either team will be huge for their confidence for the rest of the season.  At the end of the night, I believe the Eagles will have the better defense to hold off the Panthers and come away with the win.


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