Salisbury Spirit Week

By: Rylee Yerkes

In anticipation for the homecoming dance, Salisbury High School is having a “spirit week”; a week dedicated to fill students with school spirit. The four-day celebration will begin on Tuesday, October 10th. Participating students will dress accordingly to the different themes of each day. Additionally, students can attend exciting and motivational events on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Tuesday, everyone will be especially cozy whilst donning their favorite pajamas for the theme of “pajama day”. Marvel and DC fans will rejoice on Wednesday; the theme is “superhero and comics”. Then, on Wednesday evening, the annual Powder Puff game will be held in the stadium from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Attendees can purchase tickets in advance for $3, and tickets at the gate for $5.


Students and staff will be seeing double on Thursday, as the theme is “twin day”, where students are encouraged to dress to match their friends. Students can stay after school to participate in the gym decorating competition for the pep rally.


Friday is “blue and white day”, where everyone will be wearing Salisbury’s colors. The pep rally will be held during school in the gym. Within the pep rally, the fall athletes will be announced and the traditional falcon cup competitions will take place. Later that day, at 5:30pm, the homecoming parade will begin at Harry S. Truman elementary school. Participants should arrive at 5pm in order to line up.


All of these events have lead up to the homecoming dance, which takes place on Saturday from 7pm to 10pm in the old gym. Entrance to the homecoming dance ends at 7:45pm, and no one is permitted to leave and return. Students can purchase tickets during lunch for $15, and tickets are $20 at the door. People who don’t go to Salisbury High School and wish to attend the homecoming dance require a guest registration form, which can be picked up outside of room 122. All guest registration forms are to be turned in by Thursday, October 12th, in hard copy only. During the dance, Homecoming court will be introduced. Finally, at 9:00pm, the king and queen will be announced.  


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