New Lunch Program


By Abigail Christman

In the 2017-2018 school year at Salisbury Senior High school a new lunch program has been installed. This new lunch program was formerly called “food service” and is now called “The Child Nutrition Program”. Mr. Seymour is the director of food service from SFE or Southwest Foodservice Excellence.

Mr. Dustin Seymour expresses this year Salisbury is trying to focus on healthy eating but still providing appetizing and hearty meals. Seymour said the former food service director did an excellent job but Salisbury needed a new look or perspective on nutrition.

The school lunches are considered healthier this year by serving more whole grains in the foods and installing a salad and vegetable bar. Even though the students are eating a healthier lunch, they still enjoy the lunches as well.

Mr. Seymour says that the lunch lines are longer, and there is more growth and interest in buying the lunch. In Salisbury, students and staff members encourage other students to try the new lunch program. The most popular lunches are pizza, spicy chicken sandwiches, and burgers. The least popular school lunches are the nachos and the taco bar and Mr. Seymour thinks this is because of their inconspicuous position.

Even though Mr. Seymour wasn’t here last year he has heard from numerous staff members different kids have been buying lunch or breakfast. At the High school their are 12 different options to choose for lunch daily, including pizza, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and the taco line. The menu will change as the school year continues.

Mr. Seymour’s favorite lunch is the “Red Dragon Concept” which is a menu of different Chinese food items. According to Mr. Seymour, the students are not required to eat fruits and vegetables but teachers encourage students to take them. Not only for the nutritional benefit are students encourage to take their fruits and vegetables but also for to create a “reimbursable meal”, which means that it will make lunch cheaper. A reimbursable meal is made of 3 out of 5 components of the major food groups and much include a fruit and vegetable. So when a cafeteria man or woman asks “would you like to take a fruit or vegetable?” they are making your lunch cheaper and healthier.  There is also an option of breakfast in the morning which offers a choice of a hot or cold entree, or cereal, fruit and juice.

All in all, give the new lunch system a try at least once. A lot of work was put into it to it to make it possible this year.


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