Game of Thrones Moving Too Fast?

By Patrick To

Game of Thrones has been a great show for six seasons. It has all the elements of a great show: actors, character development, and a good story. It is disappointing that season seven of the series could not match the normal standards of the show. Before I continue, I would like to say that there will be spoilers ahead.

In seasons 1-6, the relations between characters were very complex and had beautiful development over a long period of time, but season 7 packed everything into seven episodes. Seasons are usually ten episodes, so everything went by in a much shorter period of time. There was no time for any intricate storytelling or good character development. To get a good feel at how fast everything, let’s observe Jamie Lannister and his actions. Jamie started in King’s Landing and went all of the way to Casterly Rock on the west side of Westeros. He then marched thousands of soldiers from casterly rock down to Highgarden, took it, and dragged wagons of gold back to King’s Landing all within one episode. This normally takes an entire season to happen. It took Arya Stark an entire season to travel to Braavos, and another entire season to learn the ways of Jaqen H’ghar. In season 7, Jon Snow and company took one episode to travel north of the wall, get stuck in the middle of a lake surrounded by white walkers, and have Daenarys fly from Dragonstone to where they were beyond the wall. Overall, it was a season that went by too fast. There were also few story lines to follow.

In season 7, there were only three storylines; In contrast to the usual five. This means there is less going on in a quicker amount of time. It was better when each episode had about 20 minutes from each story line. Each 20 minute clip ended with somewhat of a cliff hanger, so that created excitement for the next episode. You are not only waiting for one cliffhanger to end, you are waiting for five. That makes it that much more interesting.

Game of Thrones is a great show overall, but the addition of season 7 has me a little disappointed. It is still a great show, but it could have been much better.

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