New Laptops

By Rylee Yerkes


Salisbury Township School District has distributed the latest version of the MacBook to their students. The newest MacBook Air, released in June of 2017, has a cost of $900. Apple does give the option to buy the laptops at a cheaper price if they are designated for educational purposes, and this reduced the price to $849. To protect these costly laptops, the school has issued an STM Goods brand laptop case (the “DUX”) that is also expensive, a whopping $59.95 per case! All of the money spent has surely been put to good use; the laptops are used daily and make finishing classwork a breeze.

The previously issued laptops were MacBook Pros, which provide a base memory of 4 gigabytes (maximum of 8gb), a 13 inch display, and an average battery life of 10 hours. This year, the laptops feature a default memory of 8 gigabytes, once again a 13 inch display, and a battery that can last up to 12 hours. The MacBook air is very portable; it only weighs 2.96 pounds! The durable case barely adds anything. It has 128gb of storage, the perfect amount to save work and keep things running smoothly. There is also a new charger called the “MagSafe 2.” Like the last charger, it conveniently stays in place with magnets. The “MagSafe 2” has a sleek design that does a better job of preventing burn-outs.


Being handed out with the latest version of the Mac operating system, macOS “Sierra,” the laptop has many new features. For example, students are now able to use Siri, which allows easy access to applications simply by talking. Students are able to ask Siri to find files, mark things down on a calendar, take notes, play music, and search things up on the internet. Organizing files is said to be easier than ever before with “High Sierra,” which loads files and calculates their sizes with incredible immediacy. Streamed videos are compressed up to 40% more, meaning that they load faster (in the same quality) while taking up less space.


These advanced computers are extremely beneficial to students, but also play a part significant part in helping the environment. Students complete assignments with the assistance of the laptops, therefore reducing the amount of paper used each year.  With the use of these laptops, the 2017-2018 school year will be another high-tech and environmentally friendly year.

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