Academic and Service Awards Night Winners Announced at Ceremony

By, Alex Diamond

The Academic and Service Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.  Thirty-five seniors and two juniors won awards that either honor principles the students are supposed to envision, the memory of someone who was connected to the school district, exemplary contributions within a department of study, or a contribution to an organization/program within the school and the community.

After an introduction by Principal Heather Morningstar, the presentation started with the Honorary Awards and Special Commendations. The following awards were given out as part of that segment:

Collaborative Leadership Award – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Benjamin Wiener.

School Board Representative Awards – Agostino D’Ancona and Rania Nimeh

Robert R. Gross III Leadership Award – Casey Laudadio

Robert R. Gross “Never Give Up” Award – Zefeng Deng

Race for Adam Scholarship Foundation Award – James Hadinger

Pat Tillman Leadership Award – Rania Nimeh

Mark Turbedsky Award – Alexander Diamond

Army ROTC Award – Zachary Stringer

The next part of the presentation was memorial scholarship awards. Scholarships were made out in the names of alumni, teachers, and coaches who had a big impact within the Salisbury Township School District and/or died before they could reach their full potential.

Scott Atiyeh Memorial Scholarship Award – Zoe Feller

Marsie Barth Memorial Scholarship Award – Jessette Long

Jennifer Joy Dillman Memorial Scholarship – Madison Herrmann

SADD Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Joy Dillman – Agostino D’Ancona

Andy Doran Memorial Scholarship Award – Eric Frankenfield

Gaylord Griffiths Memorial Scholarship Award – Brianna Belzner

Michelle Honochick Memorial Scholarship Award (Class of 2013) – James Hadinger

Shaleece Martinez Memorial Scholarship – Marisol Rosario

Colin Geoffrey Ottinger Memorial Soccer – Kyra Bruns

Eric Rodenberger Memorial Scholarship Award – Mackenzie Sikora

David Todd Smith Memorial Scholarship Award – Jaxon Costello and Caylin Meikrantz

Larry Starner Memorial Scholarship Award – Marisol Rosario

Frank Yelinko Memorial Scholarship Awards – Kyra Bruns and Eric Frankenfield

The presentation then shifted to departmental awards as teachers presented the awards for their specific curricular departments.

Art: Outstanding Art Student – Taylor Vasilik

English: Outstanding Language Arts Student – Andrew Fletcher

English: Student Press Award for Newspaper – Alexander Diamond

English: Student Press Award for Yearbook – Casey Laudadio

English: Drama Awards – Jessette Long and Reilly Yankovich

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding Business Student – James Hadinger

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding FBLA Members – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Mahlon Reihman

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Student – Brianna Belzner

Health and Physical Education Department: Outstanding Health and Physical Education Students – Morgan Goletz and Shane Simononis

Math: Outstanding Math Student – Jacob Glenister

Music: Patrick S. Gilmore Band Awards – Zoe Feller and Reilly Yankovich

Music: John Philip Sousa Band Award – Sabrina Sizer

Music: National School Choral Award – Scheccid Alayola

Science: Outstanding Science Student – Gina Nadraws

Social Studies: Outstanding Social Studies Student – Benjamin Wiener

World Languages: Outstanding German Student – Jacob Glenister

World Languages: Outstanding Spanish Student – Ethan Heydt

As a transition to the additional awards, other awards that students won outside of the awards ceremony were briefly listed on screen. This was followed by the additional awards presentations.

Athletic Booster Club Essay Scholarship Awards – Alexander Diamond, Eric Frankenfield, James Hadinger, Caitlin Hoeing, Tyler Keller, and Mahlon Reihman,

Charles W. Dent Congressional Citizenship Award – Ethan Heyft

Class of 2011 Scholarship Award – Alyson Godusky

Dwight D. Eisenhower Outstanding Leader of Character Award – Danalyn Roncolato

Lehigh Valley Engineering Award – Zackary Reinhart

National Honor Society Awards – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Benjamin Wiener

The Rensselaer Medal – Michael Killiri

Salisbury Education Foundation Scholarship Awards – Agostino D’Ancona and Aaron Feller

Salisbury Youth Association Football Scholarship – Agostino D’Ancona

Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award – James Hadinger

Student Government Advisory Scholarship Awards – James Hadinger and Marisol Rosario

Twirling Booster Scholarship Award – Alyson Godusky

US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards – Mahlon Reihman and Leandra Roelker

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards – Caitlin Hoeing and John Yurconic

US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Awards – Benjamin Wiener

US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence – Sabrina Sizer

After the awards ceremony ended, food and refreshments were served in the cafeteria and everyone gathered to congratulate each other on their achievements.

James Hadinger won the most awards throughout the night with nine awards to his name by the end of the ceremony.

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