Hello/Goodbye Soccer Tournament

By Paige Mathieu

On Saturday April 29th, students Oliva Hoeing, Rylee Donaldson, and Elena Lagunilla held a Hello/Goodbye Soccer Tournament for their CBL Project in Miss Brinson’s Seminar Class.  A CBL Project, or Challenge Based Learning Project, is a year long project that requires students to help the school or community in someway. The tournament was held at 2 PM at the SHS Turf to help raise money for Jenn’s House. Jenn’s House is a hospitality house for families who are coming to the Lehigh Valley for medical care.

To participate in the event, students throughout the high school were able to create teams of 8-10 players.  The teams included the Diversion, Manchester United, Lucas’s Winners, Soc Monkey’s, The Communists, and Tasselled Wobbegong. Each team was also required to donate an item to Jenn’s House. The game was played 6v6. Congratulations to Manchester United who won the tournament!
The group was able to earn $250 of proceeds from the event, which included money from the tickets sold, the donations from each team, and money raised from selling the Olivia Hoeing famous chocolate chip cookies.  All of the proceeds were donated to Jenn’s house, which is located in Emmaus.  

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