Dasani Water Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

This was inspired to be reviewed from my friend who only drinks Dasani water. Dasani water is a water bottle brand that was derived from the Coca-Cola company. This water bottle brand launched in 2002. It is strictly tap water that is filtered and has added minerals. I believe that Dasani is the greatest water ever invented.

First off, let me go over the bottle design. It is very sleek. It has appealing artwork on the label. It has the visual appeal of a more mature look. Very subtle with the colors. Not too bright, not too dark. It is just perfect. The label has a leaf that has the recycling logo in it. I love this leaf design, it is simple, but simple is the new way of making logos. The font is also very appealing. The font makes me feel connected to the water. It let’s me know that this is MY WATER, and no one else is getting it. The nutrition panel is very small, not cluttered, and has only what you really need to read. The best part? ZERO CALORIES!

Next up is the bottle itself. The shape is very pleasant and sturdy. By sturdy, I mean that if you bump it by accident, it won’t fall over. Since the bottle is heavier than most, and has uneven weight, you cannot bottle flip with it. That’ll keep those pesky kids from doing that ridiculous bottle flip. The green cap is thicker and larger than most bottles which have a thin cap that doesn’t fit as well.

The most important part that I need to go over is the taste. This does not taste fake. I like water that I don’t taste the chemicals. I like water that I do not taste the plastic. In this case, I do not taste the plastic. It is really surprising but I do not. Dasani water uses the method of reverse osmosis. I prefer this method out of any. I do not mind where the water came from, but I am all for reverse osmosis. It is the cleanest and safest way that water can be purified in my opinion. For the best effect, drink your water in a glass jar so you get a different taste. Different, as in an almost sweet taste. No more plastic tasting, just a new rich experience.

I also prefer Acadia water. Even though it’s cheap, that one hits the spot pretty well. My friend who only drinks Dasani water says that if he was stranded on a deserted island, he wouldn’t drink any other water besides Dasani. That shows how many committed fans there are for Dasani.😤
Dasani Water gets a 5 out of 5 stars.

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